Canada Kuwait Petrochemical Corporation
Canada Kuwait Petrochemical Corporation (CKPC) is a joint venture between Pembina Pipeline Corporation (Pembina) and Kuwait’s Petrochemical Industries Company (PIC). CKPC is proposing to construct a propane dehydrogenation (PDH) plant, a polypropylene (PP) plant, a cogeneration unit and a rail yard.


About the Complex



Source: IHS Markit (May 2018)

Source: IHS Markit (May 2018)

Turning a challenge into an opportunity

Currently, Alberta produces more than five times more propane than it consumes, and this imbalance results in propane being exported out of Alberta by rail.

  • On average 85% of the propane produced in Alberta is exported

  • With no domestic supply Canada imports 100% of its required polypropylene

  • CKPC could provide a made-in-Canada solution for Central Canada’s manufacturing companies

  • The Complex would be a large-scale investment in Sturgeon County, which would make a meaningful contribution to the local, provincial and Canadian economies

  • An independent estimate forecasts over 22,000 person years of employment during construction and over 50,000 person years of employment during the Complex’s operating life (figures are based on direct, indirect and induced employment)

  • The capital cost of the project is approximately C$4.5 billion

Supported by Government

  • "It's encouraging to see another milestone along the way on a project that will help diversify the type of energy products we produce here in Alberta," said Margaret McCuaig-Boyd, Alberta's Former Minister of Energy. "Our government is committed to creating good jobs in the industry through investments in world-class petrochemical facilities like this one."

    • In December 2016 CKPC was awarded $300 million in royalty credits from Alberta’s $500 million Petrochemicals Diversification Program.

  • “This proposed project represents significant economic benefits to Sturgeon County including increased property tax base, investment in municipal infrastructure, local sourcing opportunities and high-quality jobs both during construction and operations,” said Sturgeon County CAO.  “We support the proposed petrochemical facility as a step in the right direction to diversify our local economy within Alberta.”

    • In October 2017 Sturgeon County and CKPC executed a Municipal Improvement Agreement.


The Complex would be located on freehold land within the Alberta Industrial Heartland. The Complex will be located south of Highway 643 and Range Road 221, approximately 6 kilometers (km) north of the city of Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta.

Map is for illustrative purposes only.

Map is for illustrative purposes only.

What is Polypropylene?

Polypropylene (PP) is one of the world’s most commonly used building blocks in the manufacturing industry and is fully recyclable. PP is lightweight, heat and impact resistant, transparent and not reactive. These attributes make PP an ideal foundation for products found in daily life including automobile parts, food storage containers, medical devices, bank notes, among many other uses.

Pembina build facility for Polypropylene (PP) which is made into consumer products that can be recycled.